Midweek Waves

Now I’d label this a beginner’s style. Not based on complexity, but more about duration. That’s how I judge most of my styles now; “How long am I gonna pull through this?” It might sound a bit morbid, but I really think the biggest thing on a naturalist’s mind, when doing their own hair, is deciding to do the damn thing. Let me just say, decide from the start because once you begin, you won’t get the luxury to “call quits.”

This style has become my quick fix when, at last minute, I remember I have somewhere to go. Whether on just washed or dry hair, this style will have you modeling out while people dream about what their hair can do (P.S. All black folks hair can do it).

I call it the midweek waves, because that’s how soon you’ll be getting them (oh the corny); but fun and joke aside you are simply combining your two strain twists with bantu knots.

What You’ll Need

What’s Next

So first on the list are Two Strand Twists a.k.a “plait yu head”. I’d recommend making each twist medium to large. Not too small, that it looks like micro braids, but not too big that you miss out on curl definition. Breanna Rutter’s channel is “The Natural Hair Bible”  for “How To Styles” on black hair.

Oh did I mention make them tight?

Next up bantu knots. These are simple enough to achieve. You are literally taking those same twists and twining them into a knob on your head. You may even say you are wrapping it on itself.

In the past I’d normally use one of those small black elastics to hold it in place, but since this style is really for a next day (or later this evening) unravel, you really don’t need to be “thorough” about it. Just ensure that your knot holds in place by wrapping it tightly and cleanly at the base of your twist.

Yup, wrap around

Now for the big step, GO TO BED or make some seasoned rice; I won’t judge how you make that free time. That’s pretty much it. Once you’ve figured out how to do those two styles individually, you’ve more than finished the step. Remember what I said earlier lovelies, your only concern would be how long it takes.


Specials Moments

So for the most part I have been pretty relaxed about my hair routine. It isn’t the best of practises, but I’m happy to say lengths where achieved. So as a little pat on the back, I thought I’d take on an old style that would normally have me running, The Chunky Flat Twist-out. It really isn’t hard to do… it just gets tiresome keeping your hands up.

2014-10-30 15.07.26

Now let me confess, there was another reason why you see me dolled up and ready to try this style. It was just around the time of me taking my University graduation photos and I stilled believed in the DIY nature of hairstyling. Oh, I have no bias against beauticians; It’s just sometimes what I want and what Mr. monopoly wants are on two separate wave-lengths.

As well, the energy to spoil myself really went straight into the make-up. You see, when a lady’s big moment comes calling, nothing short of empress-level glamour will satisfy the desire to impress.t.

I highly recommend this style if you want the curly or wavy 50’s Hollywood glamour. Yes! I said it. Glamour with natural hair. It is certainly a “proud chest puffing” style to have.

In the future I promise to give a full tutorial about what I did, but for now I’d like to tell you what to look out for.

2014-10-30 15.07.59

Chunky Flat Twist-Out

  1. Shows much better curl definitions when compared to a normal twist-out.
  2. Moisture is your friend, but the Eco Styler gel, or a product of similar texture, will be your best friend.
  3. It gets faster the more you do it.
  4. Section your parts. Don’t try to get everything done in one length.

Coils for the DIY in you

So it’s been a long minute since I wrote something, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped the usual madness with my hair. I’ve done this style a few times now, and call me impressed, but I think I’ve gone from a “meh” to a “yyaayy ( see those double y’s!!).

I’ll admit, I’ve sweat the technique a little longer than I should have, but it’s honestly a simple style that can be done in a few hours; may be 4 hours tops for the professionals amongst us. However for the rest of us… I’d suggest you make dinner early for the day.

natural hair coils

First try with natural coils

My motive for trying this style had come from a point of pure lazy determination. To describe that point, let us say it’s when you’re at that hair care period where you can’t be bothered to be neat, but know you’ll regret it once you wake up in the morning and notice Hurricane Gilbert took a pit-stop in your hair.

I needed a style that limited the use of extension and braids, while also keeping my hair put for one to two weeks. Call it stress or just plain genetics, but I see my future bordering dangerously close to Naomi Campbell if I can’t get a handle on things. My hair just doesn’t respond well to too much manipulation.

So to combat that dangerous journey, I’ve thought of some steps to help bring my hairline back and promote growth. I’ll talk about that in later article, but for now let’s talk about the style that promotes less manipulation.


What we need

  • Hair Spritz
  • Eco Styler Gel / Blue Magic Organics Indian Hemp
  • Arm strength

Most times I’d start this style after a wash day. So meaning leave-ins, butters and oils have been applied from the start.

At this point, I’m pretty free about the parts I’ll make in my hair. This really depends on you, but my rule of thumb has been the tighter the coil, the longer the “hold” on your hair with the gel. If your hair is in the tiny fro stage, you may want to try smaller coils as they catch and hold easier, but if you find yourself working with more length you can “catch” larger strands of hair and make them as fat as you wanna. However, please do remember that tighter coils make for longer holds.

coil start

hhhmm that looks right, right?

After separating a few strands, I’d take a small dab of the oil/ gel and rub down from root to tip. After that I’d  start to twin my hair in the circular motion illustrated below.

Coiling Gif

©2014, Kimona Wickham

I’ve even taken pictures to show you the changes your hands may make. Also to note, when you notice your hair getting dry during the process, just use your spritz to moisturize your hair again.

Now once you’ve reached this part, you’ve pretty much made it. Fin. Sayōnara. Done. The hardest thing you’d have to worry about after this is keeping your arm from cramping up doing ALL THOSE LITTLE PIECES.

You’ll look pretty cute though at the end of things. No gain without some pain, folks.


Happy Coloured Nappy

You should check out the day-to-day accounts of local naturalist Meg Lee, Happy Nappy Rootz

Happy Nappy Rootz

Oh how many times I would have loved to be radical and bold with my hair color only to be held back by the fact that it may not go down so well with some of the people at work. Thank goodness for temporary hair color! Now I can jazz up my hair for the weekend with whatever color and go to work on Monday looking professional.

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Trim it or don’t trim it?

Beyond doing the BB (Big Buzz) and sporting your TWA (Teeny Tiny Afro), trimming may be the farthest thing from your mind after JUST losing all that hair. Well yea, you could still keep it pretty far out of your mind, and away from your head, or you could take a look on how it helps your hair care needs.

It’s pretty much an old wives’ tale. “Cut yu hair pickney an’ it grow fasta.” May be cause my mother does hair for a living, I heard the saying more than most would, but trimming once or twice per year (yes I said year) helps you fight possible breakage while allowing you to get a fresh start without doing everything over.

Optimum hair care including setting a hair care routine, moisturizing, protein treatments, etc, etc is fancy and all, but we know we can’t be perfect 24/7. The weather may be our bitch. Our empty pockets may be our bitch. WE may be our own bitch. Things happen and you just now notice the end of your hair has become this thin squiggle line.

It's all cute Afros till you see antennas sticking out

It’s all cute Afros till you see antennas sticking out

Again, this option is all on you. Your hair could really be chilling and just growing at the pace it feel ready to stretch those legs. My decision to cut was based on still having texturized ends in my hair and not wanting my new growth to be stumped moving along the lines. New growth starts from your root; Length is retained from root to tip.

Trimming is more important than people make out. The less damage you have to your hair, the less you need to trim. It is not about trimming a quarter inch every 2-3 months but rather about examining the ends of your hair and assessing how much needs to be trimmed and how often (i.e. look for split ends!). Splitting and thinning hair ends will not gain length. Period.

excerpt from 5 Habits that Lead to Longer Natural Hair

My method for trimming was done using NaturalMe4c strategy. Moisturize, twist, feel for uneven ends and cut.

Doing it definitely had me feeling better for my ends.

end result

end result