Cheap Mosturizer for 4c hair

So my hair suffers from this thing call thirst. Creams, conditioners, sprays, nothing stays long enough in my hair. I’m really the definition of a product junkie because of this, but I’m learning simple sometimes can do wonders. Using an article from Black Girl Long Hair, titled “4 Simple Easy Homemade Spritz Recipes“, I discovered a cheap solution for my constant need for moisture.

Spritzing has become my must do. Your hair is an extension of you and you need to keep both you and your hair hydrated. Leave both of you out to dry and you’ll have yourself choking on the air by sun down. Not pretty.

A spritz could be as simple as throwing some water in a bottle and just going to town on your hair (not as effect), or combining oils and aloe vera to your mixture to allow longer lasting penetration. At the end of the day, how you mix your spritz is up to you. You’ll know what ingredients react well with your hair, but the bonus for a naturalist’s trying this homemade route is definitely knowing you’re using something organic.

homemade spritz

aloe vera, oils, water


The WORKS Spritz
– 3-4 parts water
– 2 parts aloe vera juice 5 thin cuts of Aloe vera (Sinkle bible)
– 2 parts glycerin
– 1 part coconut oil
– 1 part olive oil
– few drops essential oil (your favorite) – which for me was tea tree oil

P.S keep this refrigerated. This is truly an “All Natural” product, so it will spoil on you without proper storage. ^-^ good luck

4 thoughts on “Cheap Mosturizer for 4c hair

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