Trim it or don’t trim it?

Beyond doing the BB (Big Buzz) and sporting your TWA (Teeny Tiny Afro), trimming may be the farthest thing from your mind after JUST losing all that hair. Well yea, you could still keep it pretty far out of your mind, and away from your head, or you could take a look on how it helps your hair care needs.

It’s pretty much an old wives’ tale. “Cut yu hair pickney an’ it grow fasta.” May be cause my mother does hair for a living, I heard the saying more than most would, but trimming once or twice per year (yes I said year) helps you fight possible breakage while allowing you to get a fresh start without doing everything over.

Optimum hair care including setting a hair care routine, moisturizing, protein treatments, etc, etc is fancy and all, but we know we can’t be perfect 24/7. The weather may be our bitch. Our empty pockets may be our bitch. WE may be our own bitch. Things happen and you just now notice the end of your hair has become this thin squiggle line.

It's all cute Afros till you see antennas sticking out

It’s all cute Afros till you see antennas sticking out

Again, this option is all on you. Your hair could really be chilling and just growing at the pace it feel ready to stretch those legs. My decision to cut was based on still having texturized ends in my hair and not wanting my new growth to be stumped moving along the lines. New growth starts from your root; Length is retained from root to tip.

Trimming is more important than people make out. The less damage you have to your hair, the less you need to trim. It is not about trimming a quarter inch every 2-3 months but rather about examining the ends of your hair and assessing how much needs to be trimmed and how often (i.e. look for split ends!). Splitting and thinning hair ends will not gain length. Period.

excerpt from 5 Habits that Lead to Longer Natural Hair

My method for trimming was done using NaturalMe4c strategy. Moisturize, twist, feel for uneven ends and cut.

Doing it definitely had me feeling better for my ends.

end result

end result

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