Happy Coloured Nappy

You should check out the day-to-day accounts of local naturalist Meg Lee, Happy Nappy Rootz

Happy Nappy Rootz

Oh how many times I would have loved to be radical and bold with my hair color only to be held back by the fact that it may not go down so well with some of the people at work. Thank goodness for temporary hair color! Now I can jazz up my hair for the weekend with whatever color and go to work on Monday looking professional.

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Regular Schedule



A breakdown of our content schedule. Something even to encourage new content if we know what to look for.

Monday – Freestyle day

Tuesday – What yu rocking?
(You posting pics on how you did your hair that day)

Wednesday – Product Regimen and Reviews
(Products you use and the reviews you give)

Thursday – Style Recommendation
(Styling tips for hair, appearance, life)

Friday – Regimens/Inspirations
(How you style your hair and how you inspire us)

Saturday – Natural Testimony
(A discussion about your natural journey so far)

Sunday – Afro Throwback
(Do you remember rocking afro pigtails?)

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