Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is this blog about?

Naturally Jamaican started as an online community for Jamaican naturalists to share and talk about their stories.

It encourages free-flow conversations and promotes natural hair love for all those wanting to take part of that journey. As well as showing support for those holding strong to their natural journey.

We try to keep our flow along topics picked out for the week.

Monday – Freestyle day

Tuesday – What yu rocking?
(You posting pics on how you did your hair that day)

Wednesday – Product Regimen and Reviews
(Products you use and the reviews you give)

Thursday – Style Recommendation
(Styling tips for hair, appearance, life)

Friday – Regimens/Inspirations
(How you style your hair and how you inspire us)

Saturday – Natural Testimony
(A discussion about your natural journey so far)

Sunday – Afro Throwback
(Do you remember rocking afro pigtail?)

  • How can I be a user/author?

By entering your details within our Sign Up page, you’ll become a part of our author system. Persons wishing to share their thoughts and stories about their hair journey. Contributing to a guide made by the community, for the community.

Within 24 hrs you should receive an email from wordpress indicating your access to the author system. If for whatever reason you do not receive this email, please fill out our contact form below.

  • What will I do when I become an author?

The blog has seven main topics identified as categories. These categories are the same daily topics chosen from our regular schedule.  At the top of each category page, you are provided a small description of what each category is about.

Authors are encouraged to write their own material, but content is encouraged to remain linked to the main categories.

It is also encouraged to create more original content than just shared. It is fine to link or review outside content to the blog, but Naturally Jamaican would like to stay true to users sharing their own thoughts and stories.

  • I have additional questions and thoughts.

If you have any more questions or would like to leave suggestions towards improving our blog, please complete the form below.

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