Midweek Waves

Now I’d label this a beginner’s style. Not based on complexity, but more about duration. That’s how I judge most of my styles now; “How long am I gonna pull through this?” It might sound a bit morbid, but I really think the biggest thing on a naturalist’s mind, when doing their own hair, is deciding to do the damn thing. Let me just say, decide from the start because once you begin, you won’t get the luxury to “call quits.”

This style has become my quick fix when, at last minute, I remember I have somewhere to go. Whether on just washed or dry hair, this style will have you modeling out while people dream about what their hair can do (P.S. All black folks hair can do it).

I call it the midweek waves, because that’s how soon you’ll be getting them (oh the corny); but fun and joke aside you are simply combining your two strain twists with bantu knots.

What You’ll Need

What’s Next

So first on the list are Two Strand Twists a.k.a “plait yu head”. I’d recommend making each twist medium to large. Not too small, that it looks like micro braids, but not too big that you miss out on curl definition. Breanna Rutter’s channel is “The Natural Hair Bible”  for “How To Styles” on black hair.

Oh did I mention make them tight?

Next up bantu knots. These are simple enough to achieve. You are literally taking those same twists and twining them into a knob on your head. You may even say you are wrapping it on itself.

In the past I’d normally use one of those small black elastics to hold it in place, but since this style is really for a next day (or later this evening) unravel, you really don’t need to be “thorough” about it. Just ensure that your knot holds in place by wrapping it tightly and cleanly at the base of your twist.

Yup, wrap around

Now for the big step, GO TO BED or make some seasoned rice; I won’t judge how you make that free time. That’s pretty much it. Once you’ve figured out how to do those two styles individually, you’ve more than finished the step. Remember what I said earlier lovelies, your only concern would be how long it takes.


Roots of Nature: Butter Whip Coil Cream Review

Butter Whi Coil

I’ve had some epic hits and misses in my time, but this product has been like the sun parting the clouds and creating that weird ass double rainbow thing (I think that’s how rainbows are made). It was just a random stumble in search of an everyday cream I could use.

I’m rather poor at the moment, so that jazz about buying ingredients and making your own hair treatment skipped my pocket for a real long time. Instead, I’ve opted to find ready-made products that are ready to put in some work on my hair. So yea, back to story.

I had entered the usual haven, a pharmacy, and walked through the aisle just seeing it sitting there looking lonely. After chopping my hair again, I needed to do right by my baby by getting all the stuff mommy skimmed out on before: Shea butter, olive oil and water… LOTS and lots of water.

The main ingredients are mango oil & cupuacu (when lazy, call it pikachu) butter, which at first glance you’d glance over. However, trying everything is the first step as naturalist because you want to know what products are your go to. Mango oil has been a sweet (haha see what I did) addition to the collection of alternative oils, while cupuacu butter has been a master in retaining moisture.

Mango Oil

You might think of the mango as a great fragrance but not truly a beauty ingredient. Mango oil contains high levels of antioxidants and beneficial vitamins A, C and E. Just one cup of mango contains 80 percent of your vitamin C for the day and 25 percent of vitamin A. Studies have shown that vitamins A and C have a direct influence on hair growth, making these vitamins a vital contributor to healthy hair. Mango oil also is excellent to add and retain hair’s moisture.

www.sheknows.com, The best beauty oils: More than argan oil


 Cupuacu butter is gaining attention for its remarkable water absorption, rich content of sterols, overall nutritive benefit and versatility for use in personal care products. It helps in stabilization of emulsions.

http://www.fromnaturewithlove.com, Refined Cupuacu Butter

One pocket crunching purchase later, with recess to the shower to shampoo and condition, I was slathering on the cream to keep my hair soft. Right after a wash this thing is amazing. Your curls will feel softer, your hair will look fluffier. After, I sprayed Kumea’s extra virgin coconut oil to seal in moisture.

Kumea's extra virgin coconut oil

The problem I usually have with my hair is that it gets dry pretty quickly, pretty easily. So products get used up in a flash if you force feed my baby spinach when she asked for apples. I figured as well it may be based on my hair type (4c), which pretty much lives to be a rebel for any situation.

Due to the “Zig-Zag” pattern of 4c hair, moisture could be blocked from reaching all those “Need To” areas your curls may not be helpful in showing. For me, products rich in moisture and absorption helps better to hydrate my hair.

My hair is still in TWA (teeny weenie afro) stage, so styling was never really a big priority for me, but the flexibility of this product to work as a styler does not miss my eyes either.


One quick note, this cream was made specifically for KINKY hair. Roots and Nature has this sucky way of designing their products, so you may end up like me and get its sister instead next purchase. To know which one is which look for the yellow strip. Its sister product was made for 4a and 4b hair I believe. Eh?! could be wrong, but I can tell you to avoid it like a male dorm without running water.

Now that’s another story…

6 Years and You Wouldn’t Know

I’ll be honest. I did not start this to make a statement. I wish I could say I woke up one day, dreamed of mother Africa with afro picks and clinched fists, then chopped that shit off; but nah. This was me being lazy and not realising I had braids in longer than my creme hair could cry “WTF!”

aahh highlights

My first brush with natural hair was possibly ’07 when I told mom, “braid me, woman”, to combat the need to actually take care of my hair when stressed. Every 3 months or so I’d swap long braids for shorts braids, short for medium and really whatever else my weird ass could think up.

Moving down to ’09 and, “Omg I got into University”, already forming ideas about how hot I’m gonna look and… Cue suspense music as I finally took a look at my hair and thought… Uuuhh where’s my cream hair?

See I had the braids interchanging so long that I really just grew out all the relaxed hair. I was all natural with no idea how I got there. I think I handled that discovery well actually (as well as impromptu natural hair could get you) and made plans to try being natural for a bit. Keyword: a bit.

yay braidy

So I chopped off what little relaxed ends were left and promptly put my hair back in braids. Yea my sense of styling was lost then, but I just took mom’s advice and kept it protected till i figured out “what’s up”.

Fast forward to a few more months and I was being identified as the chick with braids in class. Hey, I got that shit so locked that lecturers forfeit using my name, and just knew saying the word “braids” was as good as any to signal they needed me.

the boy in the cap

Joke was on everyone though, because I felt so ready to pop dem braids and “Herbal Essence Swing It” into action. Finally taking the time to read up on natural hair and moving beyond old school “gel and press” made me want to try and embrace me.

So one colour and a big reveal later, I had hair big, rich and puffy to grace any hair magazine. If I had to be sexy about it.


However, with puffy hair comes great responsibility and I fell victim to the great enemy that is Neglect. All of that up there was reduced to an inch, or two, of hair with no one but myself to blame… Well actually I blamed everything, but I’m supposedly grown right now and won’t cry as much if admit I was lazy about it.

So I reduced myself to a teeny weeny afro (TWA) and now had to learn natural hair like I just did a Big Buzz (BB). Yep yep, don’t judge me. I figured going back to braids was a good bet since that’s how I got my sexy luscious right? Wrong!


Without proper moisture and maintenance, you’re just asking for your hair to commit suicide. Suicide called “More Broke Ends” and, combo breaker, receding hairline. Oh ho I learnt my lesson quickly after that.

Going further down the timeline now and, reasonable size “trials and errors” later, I’m getting my baby back to glory. No colour this time, I trimmed off what I could, stocked up on products, went on hands and knees  for mama’s help and started to work a fro again.

FAB!!! Yu see it

My baby even changed on me. Shrinking almost 60% to my scalp! With no manual on that new change, I managed my doubts then as best as I could and worked with my baby through her first teen years.

Thing is though, there was a reason why I needed those braids in the first place. Once stress kicked in, and I saw the dreaded hair suicide waiting at the corner, I made sure to stock up on antidepressants to keep it at bay; and it worked for a while too. Plus to add my salt to that wound, my hair guru (mommy) up and gone on vacation.

You must be thinking what I’m thinking. “Damn, how yu no look like Naomi “Pick Out Hair” Campbell yet?”

I honestly wonder why I didn’t then too, but I sat and relearnt. I learnt less intrusive styling and more acceptance of self-styling. Moisture, Plaits at night and NO MORE BRAIDS. Well, not AS much braids.

yay natural

yay bellyyay just growing

Anyhoo, push pass more braids, another colour, some texturizer and a Real BB in my more closer millenia, my “For a Bit” hairstyle had become my everything look in showcasing me. I won’t say I’m not disappointed that in 6 yrs my hair didn’t do what I’d liked it to do, but damn, can I tell you I’m enjoying the ride.

This is me 2 months into last BB.

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